3-D Wood Construction Puzzles

3-D Wood Construction Puzzles

These 3-D Wood construction puzzles are designed to inspire creativity. Each puzzle comes with clear and precise instructions on how to construct each piece. The puzzles can be constructed by simply clicking each section together. Craft glue may be used for a more permanent bond. The completed pieces can be painted for a more impressive finish.

 3-D Wood Construction Puzzles A4 Size 232x370mm

Kuala Lumpur Tower

Sydney Harbour Bridge



Western Sail BoatWestern Sail Boat

European Sailing Ship My HomeMy Home JeepJeep
SU-27 PlaneSU-27 Plane Apache Helicopter Roman Chariot PlesiosaurusPlesiosaurus
Eiffel Tower London Bridge Elephant F-18 Hornet BomberF-18 Hornet Bomber
Country WindmillCountry Windmill DestroyerDestroyer Junk BoatJunk Boat Harley Davidson 2Harley Davidson 2
Racing MotorcycleRacing Motorcycle PorschePorsche Tank 2Tank 2 Chain BridgeChain Bridge
Dragon BoatDragon Boat Chinese DragonChinese Dragon Patriot MissilePatriot Missile Luxury YachtLuxury Yacht
Dolls Furniture Holland Windmill    


3-D Wood Construction Puzzles Small 185x230mm

Seaplane Train Fighter Helicopter Formula 1
Triceratops Velociraptor Gorilla Penguin
Plesiosaurus Little Stegosaurus Kangaroo Baby Stroller
SpinosaurusSpinosaurus BathroomBathroom

Tea Room Tea Room

CobraCobra TyrannosaurusTyrannosaurus ApatosaurusApatosaurus Childs BedroomChilds Bedroom
Living  RoomLiving Room SteedSteed PteranodonPteranodon Little ParasaurolophusLittle Parasaurolophus
MammothMammoth StyracosaurusStyracosaurus BrachiosaurusBrachiosaurus ScorpionScorpion
Albatros DV PlaneAlbatros DV Plane Guitar & PianoGuitar & Piano    


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